Service Devolution & Asset Transfer

On Wednesday 8th January 2020 at an Extraordinary Meeting the Full Council met to discuss the latest position in relation to the Service Devolution and Asset Transfer to Pewsey Parish Council from Wiltshire Council.  Some of you will recall we held a public meeting to explain what this entails, briefly this is the transfer of assets from Wiltshire of various pieces of land in and around the village of Pewsey and the devolution of services such as grass cutting and litter picking currently carried out by Wiltshire Council.    Discussions with Wiltshire are still ongoing and we are hopeful that the project will be concluded at the end of March this year.

At the public meeting on 5th September it was explained that this would result in extra expense for the Parish Council who would have to undertake the extra work in keeping the village tidy that Wiltshire currently do.     This inevitably would lead to an increase in the Precept.   It was stated that any increase would be kept as low as was possible but recognizing there would have to be an increase.  

Many of you may be wondering what the Precept is.    A simple explanation would be that it is the budget set by the Parish Council for its expenditure for the coming year.

The extra costs as currently agreed would have meant an increase of 65% in the Precept.   However in keeping with our statement at the public meeting the Parish Council have debated at length how best to cover the cost without passing on the full amount, at this stage, to the parishioners.    The Council have been prudent in their financial management which has allowed them to soften the blow of such a large increase and use some of the reserves to fund the expenditure.   Therefore the Council have met to discuss the figure and have agreed at their meeting on 8th January to increase the Precept (Budget) by only 25% for the forthcoming financial year 2020/21.  This represents an increase of 31p per week for a Band D residency.  

As a Parish Council we believe the Service Devolution and Asset Transfer will be of great benefit to the Parish as it will give us greater control over how the Parish is maintained.

If anyone is interested at all in what the Parish Council have been doing please do call into the Parish Office on a Tuesday morning between 0930 and 1130 or at any other time by arrangement with the Clerk. 

Curly Haskell, Chairman, Pewsey Parish Council