Public Toilets

North Street/Bouverie Hall

Built by Kennet District Council, the ownership of all public toilets was offered to Town and Parish Councils in 2007.  A public meeting was held in Pewsey to decide whether the village should retain this amenity. Overwhelmingly public opinion decided in favour.

The Parish Council now manage and maintain this facility for the benefit of residents and visitors. The toilets are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, are free to use and are cleaned on a daily basis by a local independent cleaning company. There is a disabled toilet available through the Radar Key System.

The Parish Council receive small donations from other local parishes towards the ongoing cost of the toilets.

Annoyingly, low level vandalism sometimes occurs, please report here if you are aware of any problems with the toilets

The Public Toilets have been refurbished externally and this work is continuing with a refurbished interior in 2017/2018.


Old Conveniences now Community Bookshop

Owned by the Parish Council, this building has been used for a number of purposes over the years from a public toilet to a Citizen’s Advice Bureau.  It is now provided free of charge for the use as Cossor’s Community Bookshop.