Pewsey Area Board

Set up by Wiltshire Council, the purpose of the Area Boards is to bring local decision making back into the community. Each town and village in the county are represented by their own Area Board.

Pewsey Area Board consists of the 26 parishes of the Pewsey Vale. The Area Board meets once every 8 weeks and due to the size of the Vale the venues for these meetings vary.

Membership of Pewsey Area Board consists of the 3 unitary councillors for the Pewsey Vale:

Cllr Jerry Kunkler

Cllr Paul Oatway

Cllr Stuart Wheeler

Also attending will usually be:

Wiltshire Council staff depending on the issues being discussed.

Parish Councillors from different Parishes

Pewsey Parish Councillors delegated councillors

Members of the Public

Representatives of organisations and groups

Between meetings task groups consisting of local people, Parish Councils, Wiltshire Council staff and Unitary Councillors tackle local issues and find solutions to take forward at the next area board.

A key role of the area boards is to provide grants to community groups and youth funding in partnership with the local youth networks. The Local Community Engagement Managers (CEM’s) facilitate and enable closer working between the council, the community and area boards.

If you want to report an issue affecting your particular community in Pewsey or if there is a matter causing more widespread concern you can report it to the Area Board by filling in the online community issue form here.

You can also contact the Parish Council if you would like to discuss anything further.