Green Spaces

As well as the play parks and the Scotchel the following Green Spaces are also the responsibility of the Parish Council. Contractors are employed by the Parish Council to maintain these spaces for use and enjoyment of the public. A number of volunteers also help to keep these spaces tidy.


Recreation Ground, Easterton Lane

Purchased by the Parish under the Physical Training and Recreation Act 1937. The Rec is home to the Pewsey Tennis Club, Pewsey Vale Bowls Club and Pewsey Vale Football Club as well as a playground, mini training cycle road and open space.


Rectory Grove

Located between the River Avon and the Recreation Ground, a public footpath runs through the middle which has been dedicated to Pat Beresford.  Pat was a former Parish Councillor, teacher and stalwart of the community who was also a very keen walker.  The Parish Council was lucky enough to receive a financial gift from her estate.  A section of the Grove has been planted up to form a small Arboretum.


Memorial Garden, Market Place

Situated by the River Avon this small seated area and garden is dedicated to the memory of John Cooke, a Parish and District Councillor for over 40 years.  Next to the river is a weeping willow (Salix babylonica) planted by the Pewsey WI in 1973 to mark the WI’s Golden Jubilee.


Robina Close

Situated off Broomcroft Rd a small green space and seated area with permitted use as a play space for children.


Ways Way

Purchased by the Parish Council in 2000, the small wooded area is located between Marlborough Road and Buckleaze Lane. The public footpath which runs through the middle diverts walkers away from the main road.


Public Seating

There are about thirty benches scattered throughout the village, the furthest one being on Pewsey Hill by the White Horse and dedicated to former Police Sgt. Jon Laughrin.  A Parish Councillor has a delegated responsibility to check the seats on a regular basis.  Any problems, please let the Parish Council know.