Where there is a demand, Parish Councils are under a statutory obligation to make allotment sites available.

There are two allotment sites in the village, one at Easterton Lane (off the High Street) known as ‘Bert’s Meadow’ and one at the old Sports Centre behind Pewsey Vale School.  Altogether there are 93 individual plots.

A full size plot measures approx 125 square meters and the current rent is £25 per annum for a full size plot.

Some plots are smaller and their rents vary accordingly.  The rent charges are reviewed annually and applied the following year.

The Parish Council manages the sites and the waiting list. There are rules and regulations which allotment holders agree to when they take on their plot Rules & Regulations. These are in place to ensure the smooth running of the sites and to maintain the allotments as an asset for future allotment holders. Two Parish Councillors have delegated authority to inspect the sites on a regular basis.

Anyone interested in taking on an allotment please contact the clerk.