Full Council

Meets monthly to ratify the decisions of the four committees as well as receiving reports and updates from the Unitary Councillor and local police team.  Important issues relevant to the parish that require consideration are also debated.

The Chairman of Council is Cllr David McGarry and Vice-Chairman is Cllr Katrina Ellis

Planning Committee

Planning applications within the boundary of Pewsey are routinely sent from Wiltshire Council to the Parish Council. This is for comment only and it should be understood that Pewsey Parish Council does not have powers to prevent or to pass an application, but that it may only support or object. This comment will then be factored into decision making by Wiltshire Council with local opinion taken into consideration.

Applications are normally taken at the next available Planning Committee meeting due to the short time limit by which they must be returned to Wiltshire Council. In special cases, an extension to this timescale may be requested.

Where large scale developments are to be considered, or where a large volume of public interest has been generated, the Planning Committee will hold its meeting in a larger venue.

Following consideration by the Planning Committee, the application with the Parish Council’s comment will be returned to Wiltshire Council for a final decision.  All documents relating to any individual application can be found here on the Wiltshire Council website.

The Chairman of the Planning Committee is Cllr Mrs Marilyn Hunt and Vice-Chairman is Cllr Michael Smithers.

Wiltshire Council will issue a “Green Notice” which is normally displayed in a prominent position near the property,
Through notification in the local press (Gazette & Herald),
On the Planning Committee Agenda issued by the Parish Council, both on the public noticeboard and Parish Council website.

By writing to the Parish Council either by post or email. Any communication should be received at least 24 hours before the relevant Planning Committee meeting.
If writing directly to Wiltshire Council, please copy the letter or email to the Parish Council for information so that your views can be considered in its comments.

The Planning Committee is comprised of those councillors who attend on the night of the meeting. A minimum of seven is required to make up a quorum.
There are approximately 18 Planning Committee meetings a year but this can be adjusted depending on the number of applications or complexity of such.

It has been the custom of Pewsey Parish Council to allow pre-application discussions with the Planning Committee to assist in answering any likely questions that may arise during the application.
For larger applications developers are encouraged to hold public presentations where their proposals can be seen by the general public before being submitted to the formal process.

For any general enquiries or to arrange a pre-application meeting please contact the Clerk.

Environment Committee

The Environment Committee meets once every two months and the responsiblities of this committee are numerous and varied.  The Chairman of the Environment Committee is Cllr John Ford and Vice-Chairman is Cllr Judy Kunkler.

The Parish Council owns a number of public access properties, play areas, green spaces, allotments and sports facilties around the village.  It is through the work done by the Environment Committee that these assets are funded and managed.

Many assets around the village including roads, pavements, street lighting, green spaces and public facilities are owned by Wiltshire Council.  Although the Parish Council has no responsibilities for these, the Parish Council does take a strong interest in the service that is provided by Wiltshire Council to the residents of the village.

The public is encouraged to notify the Clerk or Councillor of any problems with Parish Council owned property.

Other issues that are the responsibility of Wiltshire Council should be reported direct either on 0300 456 0100 or through the MyWiltshire online reporting system.

Finance and Strategic Management

The FSM Committee is responsible for managing the precept income and expenditure and ensuring that the statutory financial management requirements are met.  Requests for grants and donations that will benefit the residents of Pewsey are also considered.  Additionally, the Committee will formulate the annual strategic Business Plan.

The Committee is tasked to select, plan and manage projects that have been identified under the review of the Neighbourhood Developement Plan.  This includes ways to improve the village appearance, promote community spirit and identity.  Maintaining and supporting Pewsey as a service centre and local economy.  Enhancement of the safety and security of people living, visiting and working in the parish as well as supporting the development of youth activities.

The Chairman is Cllr Mrs Liz Stevens and Vice-Chairman is Cllr Bill Morris.

The Annual Accounting statements can be found under the documents section.

Members of the public are welcome to attend any meeting but are only able to raise questions, make comments and suggestions at Full Council.  Alternatively, parishioners can contact the clerk using the contact form or email