Parish Council

Pewsey Parish Council Membership 2022

All members are bound by the Code of Conduct which can be found here

with the Register of Interests shown here Town and Parish Council Register of Interests

To contact the Council please use the contact form or email

Chairman of Council – Cllr David McGarry

Vice-Chairman of Council – Cllr Katrina Ellis

Chairman of Finance & Strategic Management – Cllr Mrs Liz Stevens

Vice-Chairman of Finance & Strategic Management – Cllr Bill Morris

Chairman of Planning – Cllr Mrs Marilyn Hunt

Vice-Chairman of Planning – Cllr Mike Smithers

Chairman of Environment – Cllr John Ford

Vice-Chairman of Environment – Cllr Judy Kunkler

Cllr Mrs Lisa Brindley

Cllr Mrs Caroline Cobbing

Cllr Richard Giles

Cllr Mrs Lizzie Humfress

Cllr Robert King

Cllr Suzanne McGarry

Cllr Mrs Linda Mundy

Cllr Mrs Tracey Pullen

Cllr Kerry Pycroft

Cllr Kim Sharman

Cllr Mrs Erin Turner