The Parish Council sometimes undertakes one-off or other special projects in the interest of the Village. These may be performed by volunteers and managed by the Parish Council, or funded or part funded by the Parish Council or through grants of various types.

If you have any particular suggestions or recommendations for action by the Parish Council which fall outside our statutory obligations, do please tell us and we can consider how we may action them – either through referral to the appropriate body, or by setting up a special project where there is a need.

Please contact The Clerk with any suggestions for special projects which you believe require attention and/or are not being adequately performed requiring improvement.

Current Special Projects are:

This project was created in response to numerous complaints by residents about dog fouling and littering. The Parish Council have been in discussion with Wiltshire Council about setting up a self-funding warden system to manage this issue and fine those damaging the environment for others. Currently this is on hold pending Wiltshire Council creating the required PSPO legislation, expected during 2017/18.

The Parish Council recognises that communications via print and noticeboards are no longer fit for purpose and have embarked upon an upgrade to the historic approach. This includes an upgraded Website with more current and digestible information, and will include more email and public information distribution in due course. Meanwhile we would be delighted if you “Sign Up for Parish News”.

The Parish Council recognises the difference in road and access maintenance of the village in general and Aster Properties. Meetings have been held and requests for improvement in maintenance of Aster owned roads and access areas and we await improvements. This continues to be an area of concern and attention meanwhile.

The Parish Council has noted many comments from the public about the general cleanliness and tidiness of the village and are encouraging Wiltshire Council to improve this area. In the likely occurrence that Wiltshire Council fail to achieve satisfactory improvements, the Parish Council may establish an additional special project to address this.

The Parish Council has noted many comments from the public about the increasing low-level crime and severe deterioration of police coverage and visibility. We continue to encouraging Wiltshire Police to improve their coverage of the village. Additionally the Parish Council has deployed further CCTV cameras and may consider further expansion of CCTV coverage in key areas.

The Parish Council has noted and been actively lobbying Wiltshire Council about it’s proposed closure of the Everleigh Recycling Centre. The Parish Council considers this critical to local services and tidiness both in the village and in the rural areas surrounding us. The Parish Council continues to fight for the maintenance of the Everleigh Recycling Centre despite repeated attempts by Wiltshire Council to close it. If this matters to you we recommend you write to your Unitary Councillor to make your views clear and support us in our fight to retain this vital service.