Planning Committee

Site Notice – Land on Wilcot Road

Planning Inspectorate: appeal references 3283427 & 3286726 – Land west of Wilcot Road, Pewsey

Dunmoore Properties Ltd currently have two outline planning applications to develop farmland in the AONB and outside the Pewsey Limit of Development; one for 50 affordable houses (PL/2021/06554/OUT) and one for 30 houses (20/06557/OUT). The first has been refused by Wiltshire Council, with the second now awaiting decision dependant on the outcome of an appeal submitted by Dunmoore Properties Ltd. They have also initiated another appeal against the “non-determination” of the second application.

As a result, a virtual inquiry will be held by the Planning Inspectorate in January 2022. Whilst this inquiry will be held on-line, members of the public have the same right to attend as they would if this was held face-to-face. A letter of notification will be issued by 22nd December 2021, giving details of how to notify the Inspectorate that you would like to attend the appeals inquiry. This notification will be on Wiltshire Council’s website and should also be available in the Parish office and on the Parish website

Pewsey’s settlement boundary is under frequent threat by developers, even though there is still development potential within the village. If these appeals are upheld, there is another outline development awaiting determination which would be difficult to refuse. We will lose the ability to have any influence on the future development of our village, leaving it in the hands of developers whose main interest is financial.

Please look out for the notification on Wiltshire and Pewsey Parish websites. You will see from the notice that the inquiry is scheduled to last for 6 days (19th-21st & 24th-26th January 2022); each day split into four periods of 1hours. It’s asking a lot for you to attend for the full period but registering an interest an attending for a period will demonstrate local interest.  It is important that as many of you as possible register intent to attend the inquiry, to show your support for a sustainable and planned development of Pewsey, which will be further detailed in our updated Neighbourhood Plan (NP), rather than to an ad hoc, random developers’ agenda. You can observe if you don’t wish to speak.

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