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I’m delighted to report that on Tuesday 18th May we were finally able to meet “face to face” for a Full Council meeting, the first such meeting since March 2020. To enable social distancing, we met in the Bouverie Hall, rather than the Council office, which meant that a few members of the public were able to attend too, although the meeting was also available on Zoom.

I was elected as Chairman for another year, so I had the privilege of thanking all those who had stood for election as Councillors on May 6th and congratulating those who were elected:

Your Pewsey Parish Councillors are; Lisa Brindley, Alex Carder, Caroline Dalrymple, Katrina Ellis, John Ford, Adrian Garrett, Richard Giles, Curly Haskell, Ann Hogg, Lizzie Humfress, Marilyn Hunt, Rob King, Judith Kunkler, David McGarry, Bill Morris, Linda Mundy, Tracey Pullen, Kerry Pycroft, Michael Smithers, Liz Stevens, and Erin Turner.

The first business of the meeting was to elect officers to lead the different responsibilities within the council. As mentioned, I was re-elected as Chairman. Councillor Ann Hogg was elected Vice-Chair. Committee Chairs are as follows:

Environment: Chair Cllr John Ford, Vice-Chair Cllr David McGarry

Finance: Chair Cllr Liz Stevens, Vice-Chair Cllr Bill Morris           

Planning: Chair Cllr Marilyn Hunt, Vice-Chair Cllr Mike Smithers

All councillors attend all meetings and vote on all issues.

During the meeting everyone was given the opportunity of introducing themselves and saying which areas of the Council’s responsibilities they were most interested in, or where they might be able to offer particular skills. We have a full team, many hands make light work, and I am confident that working together we will have a very good year.

The Parish Council’s Environment responsibilities include:

Maintenance of the Cemetery, and various green spaces within the village including Scotchel, Way’s Way, Rectory Grove, John Cooke Memorial Garden (Market Place) and the Easterton Lane Recreation Ground. Management of trees on Parish Council land.

Health and Safety checks, risk assessments and maintenance of Play Areas at Broadfields, Aston Close, Easterton Lane, Broomcroft Road (Colin`s Corner), Cossor Road, Netherleaze and Silver Road.

Checking council–owned land leased to village sports clubs, including Angela Yeates Memorial Ground (Rugby Club), Wilcot Road Football field (Youth Football), and areas of Easterton Lane Recreation Ground (Adult Football, Tennis and Bowls clubs).

Management of the Allotments at Easterton Lane (“Bert’s Meadow”) and behind the Vale Campus (Leisure Centre).

Public amenities including car parks, toilets, bus shelters and seats.

Maintenance of Pewsey White Horse, and “Welcome to Pewsey” signage/horse troughs.

Collection of Litter (with some much appreciated assistance from volunteers).

Safety checks and maintenance of Defibrillators.

Parish Notice Boards (in the village centre and on the public toilets).

Checking of footpaths and streetlights, with any problems reported to Wiltshire Council.

Climate Change, working with Wiltshire Council to reduce our carbon footprint.

Emergency Planning including a Flood Warden.

In partnership with other agencies, monitoring the health of, and helping to maintain our part of the River Avon.

The Finance committee is responsible for managing income and expenditure, setting budgets and ensuring that all public monies are spent appropriately.

The Planning Committee considers licensing and planning applications, including meeting with potential developers where appropriate. In consultation with the community, it puts together the Neighbourhood Development Plan which helps to inform village growth and planning decisions for the future, ensuring the character of our village is maintained.

The Parish Council also has representation on many other local committees and interest groups:

Pewsey Area Board

Pewsey Community Area Partnership (PCAP)

Community Area Transport Group (CATG)

Pewsey Vale Rail Users Group

Pewsey Vale Tourism Partnership

KAMP Patient Participation Group (PPG)

Pewsey Local Youth Network

Bouverie Hall Committee

Carnival Committee

Community Land Trust (CLT)

Kennet and Avon Canal

Pewsey Vale School Governors

Pewsey Primary School

We are proud of our village and will always within financial restraints do the best to keep our village tidy and safe. We are grateful to those members of our village that assist with litter collection, the River Avon Group and those who have helped in many other ways such as clearing Bailey Close to create a new amenity space for everyone to use, and other planting/weeding projects.

It is your village as much as it is ours, we therefore appeal to you all to help by keeping the areas in front of your businesses, and residences clean and tidy at all times, and please take your litter home or put it in one of the many green bins around the village. Please also pick up your “dog poo” take it home, or put it any one of our many green litter bins. There are 42 bins around the village.

Finally you may wonder why we have not being doing Speedwatch over the last year; this is due to Covid 19 restrictions. We hope to start this again in the not too distant future; however we are desperately short of volunteers to help us, so if any of you are passionate about keeping speeds down in places, volunteering to help would be appreciated.

Curly Haskell

Chairman 2021/2022

PEWSEY RELIEF IN NEED CHARITY is a small local charity set up to assist Pewsey Residents. To be eligible for help you need to have been a Pewsey resident for one year or more. For more info. Please contact the Parish Clerk.

The Parish Office is open every Tuesday 9.30am until 11.30am for any enquiries

The public can attend any Full Council meetings to raise any issues of importance. They are held on every 2nd Tuesday from 7.00pm.  Agendas, minutes, and dates of meetings can be found on our website. 

We would like to remind you that you can report any Highways, street scene, or rights of way issues on the MyWiltshireApp.


All enquiries to the Parish Clerk,  Tel: 01672 562014.  Email:

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